Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-op liquid diet, day 2

Ok honestly, its not that bad. I have been drinking a LOT of diet V8 Berry Splash, that shit is that BOMB.  I don't even think it tastes like diet at all - it tastes like juice.  A little bit of Crystal Light, but I keep going for the V8... For protien, I had some crap I got at Target called Pure Protien.  I'll tell you, I'm not that picky but that stuff is NASTY.  I had looked on line a bit and also stopped by a place called Vitamin World.  I ended up at GNC and bought their GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60.  It's a little bit more expensive, but one serving has 60 grams of protien, so it takes a lot less to get to the daily requirements.
Pretty yummy
The power of Facebook!  I made a post yesterday asking if anyone had a treadmill I could borrow or but and my friend Cat gave me hers for free!  And, its a totally awesome treadmill - I can't believe she just gave it to me!  It even has a built in fan - crazy.  I want to make sure after surgery I have a place to walk the required 2 or 3 miles per day to help prevent blood clots.

I finally settled on a multivitamin.  I chose Bariatric Advantage Multi with High ADEK and its chewable and sugar free! I also got a pretty tasty Tropical Oasis Calcium Citrate supplement, liquid, from GNC.