Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4 weeks post op!

Time does fly... feeling better mostly - two steps forward, one back.  Today was rough.  Started my period and my hormones were on like Donkey Kong - I literally felt high.  I am wondering if the surgery cause a change in hormones.  OMG I can't do this again next month.

I have lost 15 lbs since surgery.  Seems a lot slower than most, but I think there are two reasons. One is that I was eating so healthy before surgery that I just didn't have that initial big drop in me.  So far I think I've lost about 33 lbs. The other reason is that I've lost so weight so many times that my metabolism is broken.

No noticeable change in body, maybe my pants are slightly loose.

Monday, March 7, 2011

3 weeks post op

Well, I meant to write sooner, but everytime I thought about it I just felt dread.  Too tired to write!  Anyway, doing much better.  The first week was HELL.  But, its gone much better since.

I realized today I have already lost 25% of my excess weight - thats incredible to me.  Since I started all of this on Dec 24th, 2010 I have lost 31 lbs.  I think I'm so heavy that most people won't notice, but I feel better and I am glad to see the scale move.  My clothes fit a LOT better which is nice - I was just about to go up a size before I started this.

I am very happy my lapband is gone! Its a whole new experience with the DS.  I'm sure not all days are going to be wonderful, and they haven't been perfect so far, but everyday without a lap band is better than the day before.

I'm still pretty tired most of the time.  Today is my first day back at work and I am already beat.  I'd like to go home and veg!  I am getting better with the vitamin and protein regime - its a lot to do each day, including the fluid consumption. 

  • 3 multi vitamin 4X daily
  • 1 multigen (iron and folic acid) 4 X daily
  • 50K IUs of D daily
  • 1000 MG of calcium citrate 3X daily (but I haven't been doing this one - kind find one I can stand)
  • B12 shot weekly
  • Mostly getting it from 1 to 2 shakes daily and food
  • Supposed to be doing 30 grams of protein shakes 5X daily, but they are so unnatural and gross.
  • Supposed to do 80 oz daily, but I am probably getting in 64 oz
Most of these I don't feek bad or guilty about - I'm only 3 weeks out and I know it will get easier over time. I'm not excercising.  I think I have PTSD from all my past diet and excercise programs. The thought of the gym makes me shut down - I am not going to put myself through that. I would like to lose enough weight to get comfortable in my body, then become more active in my life through joyous activities.  Hiking, boating, maybe even ride a horse again. I would like to be a naturally fit person through my day to day life, not a gym membership.  We shall see....

All for now!