Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Trip!

OH GOD. Road trip!  Haven't done one of those in a LOOOOOOONG time.  Troy and I are going to go visit some family in Twin Falls after we spend the night at a fancy hotel and party at Humpin' Hannah's.  We are going to try and hook up there with some old friends of Troys.  Then we are going to check out where he got married in Reno (and stay at the same hotel Kelli did on her first honeymoon), the drive to Vegas for a few days so Troy can check out the job prospects.  We are getting free nights at Harrahs, thanks to all my gambling.  After that, off to San Diego for the same reasons.  All the while I will be drunk on random drink with my drunk ass parked at the nearest pool.

Really excited! I am!