Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work shoes

Yesterday, I walked from the bus to the beach in my pretty comfy (and pretty cute) black Clark's sandals.  The 6 blocks or so was on sidewalk and no harm came to my shoes. Everyone was walking around in their beach wear, but I was in my light weight work clothes which in reality are very comfortable even in the heat.  I don't have a lot of work clothes and don't have a desire to shop often, so I try to take care of what I have.

When I got to the boundary between sidewalk and sand, I tried to look as far left as I could looking for more distance to cover on paved path/ The alternative was to remove my sandals and roll up my pants, but the possibility of getting hit by a wave on the narrow sand strip was high.  Success! An outdoor bar to cut through.

A few minutes later after winding though a hotel pool area I reached the particular swimming area where my son and husband were.  They had a backpack with my swim gear, but it really wasn't that warm and sincerely I wanted to just go eat. Plus I didn't want to risk my shoes and I didn't feel like taking them off.

After some drama with my son's shirt and not wanting to go into a sit-down place all sticky and sandy from the ocean, we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe - some great food and a decent tiny band.  All was well and shoes and outfit made it home safely.

This morning on the way to the bus, checking the bus arrival times via cell phone while I walked, some type of red, sticky, gritty nastiness gets up under my toes and all over the front of my shoes.  I have no idea where it came from, what it is, or how by the time I got to work it was literally covering my toes and shoes.

I would have rather ruined them in the beautiful sand than be sitting here with I-don't-even-want-to-know-what all over my feet. Lesson learned.